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Miranda Lukens

Equine Massage Therapist

Does your horse react badly to grooming or tacking? I experienced a lot of that in the show horse world. Taking care of these high level athletes' muscles is so important! This inspired me to get certified in equine massage therapy and share my services with the Southern California horse community. Treat your horse like the athlete they are and include massage therapy into their health routine.

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My Story

I'm Miranda and I was raised in Wisconsin and have had a passion for horses my whole life! I started riding when I was five years old when my mom took me to my first riding lesson. I spent every summer break at the barn riding with my friends and showing locally. After high school, I started working for a morgan show horse barn as a caretaker and learned a lot from the amazing Shirley O'Gorman and Kohler Stables staff. A few years later, I moved to West Virginia to train American Saddlebreds with Smith Lilly. I learned so much about the horse, their body, and their mind. My experience with all different breeds, disciplines of riding, and massage therapy really helps me understand how different disciplines effect muscles in different ways. Book an appointment to get your horse's muscles massaged! 


Book an appointment for professional and precise care for your horse! 

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