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About Equine Massage Therapy

Why choose Massage Therapy for your horse?

Increased range of motion - the less tension and tight muscles your horse’s have, there will be more mobility 


Improved disposition and trust - many behavioral problems in horses like biting, tail swooshing, kicking, etc. can be attempted communication from pain. If this pain is muscular, massage can help the muscles feel better and can improve your horse’s undesired behavior.


Relaxes Spasms, Adhesions, and Relieves Tension - these painful bodily responses are caused by muscle fatigue, muscle overuse, and dehydration. 


Enhances muscle tone - when the muscles are relaxed and balanced, the muscles can develop healthy and strong


Increases circulation and stimulates lymphatic system - blood flow increases significantly during a session. Increased blood flow promotes healing, reduces inflammation, excretes toxins, and releases endorphins.

Why is Muscle Health So Important? 

Hyper-contraction is the way the muscular system responds to stress


Muscle problems are cumulative, so if one muscle hurts the horse must compensate by overusing other muscles


Compensation for injuries can cause muscle tension


Tendons are connected to muscle so tendon injuries may be related to muscle tension


Just think about how sore your own muscles are after a long day or after activities. Horses feel the same way and carry just as much tension as humans do.

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